*The Perfect Combination with HiMirror

Take your beauty routine to the next level

With a single click, HiSkin helps you better understand and care for your skin.




Get the most comprehensive look at your client’s skin. Pair HiSkin with HiMirror Enterprise Pro to analyze hydration and pigmentation levels.

※ HiSkin is a HiMirror accessory and must be used in conjunction with a HiMirror.

A smart way to understand, take better care of, and record the changes in your skin.

Get to know your skin better and help it radiate that healthy glow! Are you interested in understanding why you get that occasional annoying pigmentation or pesky sign of ageing, or why your skin becomes dry, tight and flaky sometimes? HiSkin can bring you the answers by unlocking your skin’s secrets.


Professional Level Accuracy

Use HiSkin for a non-invasive detection and analysis of your cuticle moisture and pigment precipitation. Through HiSkin’s analysis you will learn how seemingly little changes in your diet and lifestyle impact your skin and will prompt you towards achieving youthful, glowing skin!

How HiSkin Works

HiSkin’s revolutionary design combines electronic and diffusion photon engineering to non-invasively analyse, detect and track cuticle moisture and pigment precipitation in five areas (forehead, eyes, upper cheek, lower cheek and neck).

Hydration is regulated by the cuticle that retains moisture. The higher index measured by the capacitance of the stratum corneum signifies the higher hydration level. HiSkin allows for continuous daily measurements to monitor skin hydration change and evaluate facial moisture care efficacy.

Pigmentation is the brown/black skin pigment responsible for the skin’s colour ranges. The higher the index (measured by the skin’s light reflectance), the higher melanin level/skin darkness. HiSkin also allows for continuous daily measurements to help track skin colour change and evaluate hyperpigmentation improvement..

*HiSkin is a HiMirror accessory, and must be used in conjunction with a HiMirror and its user account.

*Product services and technical support are only available in the US. Warranty, return policy, and certain applications are only valid for purchases made on HiMirror US official online shop

  • Dimension
  • 7cm x4.5cm x1.9cm
  • Weight
  • 35g
  • Sensing Elements
  • Environment-sensing element, Melanin, Hydration level detector
  • Connection
  • Bluetooth
  • Type
  • Lithium battery
  • Rated Capacity
  • 142mAh
  • Rated Voltage
  • 3.8V
  • Rating
  • 5Vdc, 250mA
    If charged according to the specifications, the battery can last around 2 weeks before being recharged.
  • Waterproof Level
  • Protected against little splashes of water
    Do not immerse the HiSkin in water
  • Material
  • Outer casing PVC, no halogen integrated circuit board